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For Workers' Climate Action
Climate Change and Working-Class Struggle

Hampton, Paul

Publisher:  Workers Liberty
Year Published:  2015  
Pages:  54pp  
Resource Type:  Article

A new collection of articles and reviews on the fight against dangerous climate change, capitalism and workers' organisation and struggle. Urges the left to reach out to climate activists to make the case that being "anti-capitalist" is important but not enough.



* The next wave of climate debate: review of Naomi Klein's This Changes Everything (2014)
* Climate change, extreme energy and the labour movement (2013)
* Towards an independent working-class climate movement (2011)
* Sharp on technology, soft on capitalism: review of Mark Lynas' The God Species (2011)
* The politics of Climate Camp (2009)
* Marxism, metabolism and ecology: review of John Bellamy Foster's Marx's Ecology (2009)
* William Morris: ecology and the shift to socialism (2009)
* Climate change and Marxist politics (2008)


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